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About William A. Brightwell IV

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William A. Brightwell IV is an accomplished attorney and the founder of Brightwell Law PLLC, a distinguished law firm based in Pensacola, Florida. With a strong commitment to ensuring fairness and delivering exceptional legal representation, William is dedicated to helping clients navigate through various legal issues and achieve their desired outcomes.

William’s journey in the legal profession was influenced by his experiences in the Marine Corps and his background in real estate. After completing high school, he pursued his passion for football and enrolled at Troy University, where he also embarked on his military career by joining the Marine Corps. Serving as an infantryman and close combat instructor, he participated in numerous operations, including Noble Obelisk in Africa and missions along the Turkey-Syria border to address critical challenges.

Upon leaving the Marine Corps, William transitioned to the corporate sector, working for Sears and excelling in contract sales. However, the tragic events of 9/11 led him back to the Marine Corps, displaying his unwavering dedication to serving his country.

After a second honorable discharge from the military, William pursued his passion for adventure and became involved in skydiving instruction and videography. He successfully ran a skydiving video and instruction company for several years until an unfortunate landing forced him to discontinue this thrilling pursuit.

Driven by a desire to expand his horizons and provide valuable assistance to those in need, William obtained his real estate license, eventually becoming a broker and instructor for real estate continuing education. It was during this time that he witnessed the challenges faced by individuals requiring legal support, which ultimately inspired his decision to return to law school.

William embarked on a rigorous legal education journey, earning his Juris Doctorate and successfully passing the Florida Bar exam. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the law, he established Brightwell Law PLLC, where he applies his diverse experiences and legal expertise to advocate for his clients effectively.

At Brightwell Law PLLC, William focuses on various practice areas, including estate planning, probate, family law and other legal matters. He strives to provide exceptional guidance, ensuring that each client’s desires and objectives are met with utmost care and professionalism.

With a steadfast commitment to treating every person fairly, William A. Brightwell IV and Brightwell Law PLLC are dedicated to delivering exceptional legal experience and comprehensive solutions to clients throughout Pensacola and beyond.

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